About Us

“Every woman deserves a little luxury in her everyday life”

- Rosalbah

The Rosalbah label was born with the desire to create luxury loungewear that allows women to express their individuality through wearing fashionable, multi-purpose outfits that are elegant and comfortable.

As women we are most confident when we feel good about ourselves.  This is when we shine the brightest as beauty really is an inside job, however, how we look (or how we think we look) also contributes to our confidence.

So the stage was set to create garments that make you feel beautiful and feminine without compromising on comfort or practicality.  Where the soft, light weight feel of silk caressing your skin, and flattering designs, makes you feel sexy, desirable and hardcore boss lady at the same time.

From the bedroom, to the lounge room or from the home office to brunch or lunch. The choice is yours. Wear them in or wear them out.

We believe they are the perfect gift of self-care for yourself or someone special.

Spoil yourself today… You deserve it.

Much Love,

Rosalbah xx

Welcome to Rosalbah