Pacific Dreams

The inspiration for this collection came from a cruise ship journey many years ago, where as an 8-year-old child, I moved with my Mum from Sicily to Australia. It was a month-long adventure and it’s where my love affair with the Ocean began.

The cruise ship adventure today is a little different and has me lounging around the pool, or at the bar, in something that’s elegant and comfortable, but the love affair with the Ocean is as strong as ever. There is something magical in its beauty that brings me comfort and inner peace.

I think that women are like the Ocean. A bit unpredictable, a bit dangerous and choppy, but also very calming, nurturing and soothing. Just like the Ocean you should never underestimate their strength.


I invite you to embrace your own journey and be inspired by all the possibilities. Give yourself permission to switch off from technology and the world for even 10 minutes. Allow yourself to dream and adopt the mantra of the Rosalbah woman.


White-Silk-Pants Silk-White-Cami


Silk-Top-Outdoors Silk-Robe


White-Silk-Robe Silk-White-Cami-Palazzo-Pants


Silk-Dress-Turquoise Silk-Dress-Cobalt-Blue


Silk-Cami-Palazzo-Pants Silk-White-Cami-Palazzo-Pants


Silk-Culottes-Turquoise Silk-White-Cami-Palazzo-Pants